How does Instagram work with Drumup?

How does Instagram work with Drumup?

The Instagram scheduling on DrumUp works a little differently than Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter scheduling. Instagram's API doesn't allow apps like ours to do the publishing for you, so when you schedule a post, here's what happens


  1. On your mobile phone, DrumUp App is installed and your are logged in with the same account that has the instagram connected to it.
  2. On the mobile phone, Instagram App is installed and you are logged to the account that you connected to your DrumUp account


  1. You schedule a post for 11:30pm EST (either on mobile or browser app)
  2. The post goes in your Instagram queue
  3. You get a reminder to publish the post on your mobile phone at 11:30pm EST
  4. When you click on the reminder, the DrumUp App automatically captures the photo and transfers it to the Instagram App 
  5. The DrumUp App also copies the text into your phone's clipboard
  6. Once you are in Instagram, you can long-press in the text area and paste the content already in the clipboard
  7. And then simply publish the post on Instagram

Most social media scheduling apps work this way for Instagram. To ensure that you can do all of this, you need to have both the DrumUp app and the Instagram app downloaded on your mobile device.

Our engineering team has a plan to implement direct-posting to Instagram business accounts in the near future.  Please look out for that exciting announcement soon!