How to add Blog feeds to Drumup automatically

How to add Blog/RSS feeds to Drumup

You can add specific Blog/RSS feeds (number of feeds you can add varies based on your subscription level) to DrumUp so you can curate and easily share more focused content with your network.

To Add a Blog/RSS feed, just follow these steps:

  • From the Blog site, extract the RSS feed URL.  Only blogs (or any other sites) that offer a well-formed, accurate RSS feed can be added to DrumUp.  This is because, DrumUp relies on content being in a good format if it isn't we cannot serve the content properly.
  • To get the RSS feed URL, simply add /rss or /feed at the end of the blog site URL in the browser.  For example, if you want the RSS feed URL for DrumUp's blog (, you can get that RSS feed URL by either going to or  In DrumUp's case both those URLs will work.  For some sites only one or the other will work.
  • You will know the RSS feed URL is correct, if you see a bunch of text on the screen in a tree structure (this is called XML code), which is simply an easy, standard format other sites can consume that content.
  • Now take this URL and simply add it to DrumUp under "+ RSS Feed".  After this you should start to see new blog items under this blog automatically as the blog owners publish new posts.

  • For any troubleshooting, use this site called ( 

    Just load your RSS feed URL directly or copy paste the resulting rss into the textbox on the left.  If you try to convert your RSS Input to JSON, you will clearly see where the errors are.