How are leaderboard points calculated?

How are leaderboard points calculated?

Every time you add a post to share on DrumUp EA, there are tons of points at stake.

How to earn points
Click on "1-click Schedule" on the post in the company tab on DrumUp to share a post. The moment you share, the points are added to your account. Points can also be earned using the "Schedule" button in the same way.

Note: You'll earn 100 points for your first share!

You can also earn points by liking a post (using "Like" icon). The "Like" icon likes the post on the company social account it was originally published on.

Points awarded per social account
If you share the same post on your Twitter account and then on your LinkedIn account, the points for the two shares are added!

Fastest Finger First
If you are the first one to share that particular post, you get 20 points. The second share gets 18, third gets 16, and then 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 5, 5, 5... Everyone who shares that post gets a minimum of 5 points.  Priority posts get double the number of points.

And posts from previous month, only get 1 point each.

Points for Liking a Post
You earn 5 points for every post that you "Like" (using "Like" icon). For "Likes" on posts older than 1 month, you get 1 point each.

Checking your position
At any time, you can check your current standing in the "Leaderboard" section on the website, and you will get periodic notifications about where you stand.